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Awnings - Shading Systems - Metal Closets


Our company . RALLIS AWNINGS offers you the shade that best meets your needs, creating constructions that give a perfect aesthetic and functional result with every application in homes, business spaces, shops etc.

Thanks to our specialized and experienced staff we are able to undertake any kind of special construction such as pergolas, vertical shading systems, fixed fabrics, wind-proof systems etc.

Each site has its own specificities and, in order to meet its basic shading needs, the necessary accurate measurements must be taken to pass on the work of construction. Our company has the right equipment for measuring, manufacturing and perfect application in every space.






Contact with us
 With a free visit to your site, we can evaluate your needs and suggest the most appropriate solutions on a case by case basis. 
All of our products are custom made and can be modified to suit your taste and requirements.